SoftLamps Air


Try SoftLamps for full call control and remote party information or SoftLamps Air for standard busy lamps.

SoftLamps and SoftLamps Air are end-user applications for Broadsoft Hosted PBX customers.

With busy lamp functionality, you'll never have to guess if your co-worker is on the phone!

Plus, with remote party information, you'll know whether the call is personal or business-related.

Great for:
  • Executive Assistant
  • Sales Manager
  • Small Office Receptionist

  • features:
  • Busy/Unavailable status
  • Remote party
  • Drop specific caller from conference
  • N-way conference (where applicable)
  • Grab (held) call

  • Introducing SoftLamps Air, built on Adobe Air technology. This is the lightweight busy lamps app many of you have asked for!

  • Works on MAC & PC!
  • Low cost allows rollout to more users!